SC: (843) 823-0660 GA: (770) 721-(MYK9)


Co-Founder / General Manager / Police K-9 Trainer

Kelli Collins is Co-Founder and General Manager of Georgia K9 NTC. Kelli has spent the last 18 years working with canines in the areas of Puppy Selection and Development, Behavior Problem Solving, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Service Dog Training, Trailing, Scent Discrimination, Police Canine Training, and Narcotics/Explosives Detection.

Kelli started the Georgia K9 Service dog program for children with disabilities with a special emphasis on providing dogs for kids with Autism. Kelli’s ground breaking efforts have set the K9 stage for an entirely new approach to service dogs. She was an instructor for Auburn University’s Canine Detection Training Center and a Police Officer in the State of Georgia.

Kelli is currently working her Narcotics Detection/Trailing K9 “Havoc” and an Explosives Detection K9 “Ben”.

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