Jeff Schettler Book Bundle

Jeff Schettler Book Bundle
Jeff Schettler Book Bundle Jeff Schettler Book Bundle Jeff Schettler Book Bundle Jeff Schettler Book Bundle
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EXTRA BONUS - Autographed copy of Tacatical Tracker Team - Guide To High Risk Manhunt Operations & Tactical TrackerTeams Patch.  An autographed copy of Tactical Tracker Teams will not ship until after May 1, 2013

Red Dog Rising

Red Dog Rising, by Jeff Schettler, published by Alpine Publications, ISBN: 978-1-57779-104-1 pgs. 243.

Every once in a while a spectacular book comes along that is fun to read, riveting and informative. This is one such book. I personally have not been as excited about a book in a long time. Jeff Schettler is a retired police Bloodhound handler who tells us about the training and use of his first Bloodhound, Ronin.

Red Dog Rising- An Autobiography of Jeff's work with his first police bloodhound; missing persons to high risk fugitive manhunts! $12.95 Before Discount


K9 Trailing The Straightest Path

Foreword for K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path:

"Constant failure is not an option for me nor should it be for any handler interested in saving lives and solving crime.  There was a time when I did not know what success in trailing was and I had to take a serious look at my training protocols. The "Straightest Path” is nothing more than a simple and honest path to good trailing training based not only on all of my experience in the field being successful, but also all of my failures.  There can be no growth without both. I will outline my method for working trailing dogs, step by step, and with only one goal in mind: finding people.  This program was designed for anyone handling a trailing dog and I have been teaching it now for over a decade.  It is important to offer to others what was so generously given to me by many of the great handlers of the past and present.

...Follow me, if you dare, to a path less traveled!"


Book 1: K9 Trailing; The Straightest Path- A K9 Handler's how-to guide on starting a trailing Police or Search & Rescue trailing/ tracking K9! $34.95 Before Discount


Tactical Tracker Teams - Guide To High High Risk Manhunt Operations

First book of it's kind in existence!  Jeff Schettler began the modern tactical tracking movement in the United States and this book should be in every military, police, or sheriff's department library as required reading!  Full color with over 80 color photos and diagrams.

Jeff Schettler’s newest book “K9 Trailing: Tactical Tracking Teams” is about teamwork and it should be required reading for any K9 handler – regardless of experience – who tracks fugitives with a police dog in a rural environment or wilderness area because doing so is arguably the most dangerous job in law enforcement today and a tracking team must be prepared to safely face the challenges to be successful with the mission.  A handler and police dog tracking alone or separated from a tactical support team during a high risk manhunt is a liability and no longer acceptable and “Tactical Tracking Teams” provides invaluable and practical recommendations and guidelines to minimize risk and prepare a team for a deployment.  The emphasis on teamwork and the chapter on “proximity alerts” – along with the practical application realistic training recommendations - may literally save the lives of handlers or team members during searches.  You may not be able to attend a training course on tactical tracking team operations with Jeff Schettler in the near future – but you can take advantage of his experience and lessons learned by reading “Tactical Tracking Teams” today. 

–Sergeant Bill Lewis II (Retired)

Book 3: K9 Trailing; Tactical Tracker Teams-A Tactical Tracking/ Trailing primer that no SWAT Team should be without! $24.95 Before Discount



Tactical Tracker Team Patch: $4.00 A great way to show off the Tracker in you! Sew on or use the removable Velcro backing! 20% off with bundle purchase

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