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GAK9 Police Training

The big difference between Georgia K9 NTC and any other K9 company is the simple fact that we are involved in the dog’s life from beginning to the time it goes to a new handler.

We hand select each puppy at 7 to 10 weeks of age after a rigorous investigation and testing process of the litter. Specifically, we are looking for not only standard drive indicators but also social attributes and human scent propensity. As soon as we select the puppy we begin the training with special emphasis on social exposure. Drive without balance is useless.

You do not get a dog that was only trained during the handler’s course, you will get a K9 that was trained from 8 weeks of age to the time of your handler’s course. It will know its job very well long before you get there!

Contact GAK9 NTC for Police Dog Training or K9 availability.  Please see below for a list of available courses.
It Takes Time To Produce The Best K9 Possible.
We do not compromise. We build every dog one at a time.  Just like a fine sports car, attention to detail and dedication to setting the standard sells our product . 
See our dogs for sale page for a list of available K9s.

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We are professionally licensed:

DEA License # RG0406062
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives: 9-68-005-01-1C-01065
CA Bureau of Security and Investigations: 124481
GA Business Control #: 09023585
Cherokee County, GA: 30142
Georgia Board of Pharmacy: PHRS000595

Georgia K9 NTC is licensed by the Georgia Board of Pharmacy &
Drug Enforcement Agency for law enforcement training;
Schedules 1,2, 2N, 3, 3N, 4, and 5


  • Basic Police Trailing Handler’s Course
  • Advanced Police K9 Hander’s Course
  • Patrol K9 Trainer’s Course
  • Trailing and Tracking
  • Tactical Tracking Program
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Narcotics Detection
  • Prescription Drug Detection
  • Evidence Detection
  • Explosives Detection


Follow the link for more information on the Tactical Tracker Team Certification Program.

GAK9 Courses Lodging

On-site lodging is available at the Edisto Island, SC location.  For more information, please contact GAK9.


If you would like more information on lodging or courses, please contact us at (843) 823-0660 or use the link below to message GAK9.  

Georgia K9 NTC

130 Prominence Point PKWY

Canton, GA 30114

GA: (770) 721-(MYK9)

GAK9 South Carolina

8261 Manse Rd

Edisto Island, SC 29438

SC: (843) 823-0660

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