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Why makes GAK9 Service Dog Training Different?

GAK9 Service dog program selects and pairs a hand selected puppy specifically chosen for a particular child or adult.  We feel the bond is much stronger when a puppy is chosen specifically for the child/adult the puppy will be serving.  GAK9 owners, Jeff and Kelli pioneered a trailing program for assistance dogs for Children with Autism.  This training program can help should a child/adult go missing.  Additionally, we offer services for tethering, physical assistance, and emotional support.

Georgia K9 has broken new ground in the areas of assistance dogs. Jeff and Kelli’s experience in law enforcement working dogs of all disciplines has translated to service dog training without peer.  Please see below for more details.

With GAK9 Assistance dogs to Autistic Children, the K-9 serves a threefold purpose:

– Monitor and Companion to special needs children

– Tethering for for safety

– Search dog should their child go missing

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What does Tethering Offer?

– The assistance dog to acts as a companion while walking a child with special needs and as an anchor should the K9’s ward attempt to dash into a dangerous situation.

– Tethering is designed to allow the child freedom to move about on his or her own but provides a safety net should the child decide to bolt.

– The assistance dog aids the child with autism with his or her first experience with some semblance of freedom.

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