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Capone “Cappi” is a 5 1/2 month old Belgian Malinois, from strong working lines.  He was originally selected by a world level IPO competitor for for sport. With a busy seminar schedule, as he is the number one seed in the US. He is conquering wooded environments with ease in trailing, as well as getting started in contaminated wooded environments. His nerves are very strong, he has very little if any self-preservation,environmentally sound, and is not equipment orientated. 

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Pablo Vom Logan Haus

18 month old Dutch malinois
•55 lbs
•Single purpose tracking and trailing

Pablo was started in trailing work at seven weeks of age. He excelled immediately, as he possesses the correct temperament, and the proper tools genetically. He is social with people, and most other dogs. His drive to hunt as well as his drive to track is extreme.

Over the last 16 months, Pablo has earned level 1 and level 2 trailing certificates through GAK9, that being said, most of his education is in the urban environments, where he excels very well. He has proven to be a very reliable and easy to read dog, as he has serves as a demo dog to help new trailing handlers learn the art of trailing.

Pablo is environmentally sound, and has been exposed to just about everything you can think of on a trail, including, all weather such as extreme heat, extreme cold, rain, and snow. Also many animals such as your common rabbits and squirrels, as well as cows on a pasture, stampeding horses, wild pigs, and of course your common pet dogs. He shows little to no interest to any of these while working.

The urban environments he has worked in consists of major highway road crossings, malls, shopping centers, residential housing areas, apartment complexes, etc. Pablo has basic obedience that includes, off leash recall, heeling on leash, sit, down, stay and place targeting. He has a very nice resting temperament and has been conditioned to crating since his life began.


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