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Sport Tracking

The new sport for any dog!

GAK9 Sport Tracking

Have you ever thought about things that you could do with your pup other than the normal day routine? Sure, walks and runs are all great but what if you could so something that challenges the mind and body of your dog in a natural way that goes above and beyond anything you’ve done before?

We have the answer! The GAK9 Sport Tracking Program is here for you. It may sound like a professional dog job from the Cops TV show but it’s not. GAK9 is the number one police and military tracking dog school in the World today and yes, we have trained many of the professional dogs you might have seen on TV, but this training is for the everyday dog owner.

Tracking is the most natural of all dog jobs and something that all dogs know how to do from birth. It is also the most stimulating of all work for a dog because it is so natural and closely mimics an act wild Canids have been doing for thousands of years. This is the thing; dogs naturally crave this type of work! Tap into that and you will make your dog happier, healthier, and more physically fit than ever before. 

GAK9 is the number one police and military tracking dog school in the World today!


How Do We Start?

Everything starts with an evaluation. A GAK9 Trainer will meet you and your dog in a predesignated area. The trainer is going to use specialized techniques to test the natural instincts of your dog to track. All dogs can do it, but every dog is different. Our trainers need to know the ability level and what motivates your dog the most to track. We will test reward systems, equipment, physical ability, and overall drive. The entire process takes just under an hour. 

What Equipment Do We Need?

For the evaluation, nothing. However, once we start the fun, you will need a comfortable dog tracking harness, long leash, a short leash, and good collar. Your GAK9 Trainer can provide you with the equipment you need or professionally evaluate the equipment you might already have.

Where Do We Track?

It can be anywhere! Woods, fields, small towns, and big cities! The cool thing about following human scent is the dog can be trained to do it just about anywhere. 

Ready To Try It?

Great! We have a trainer ready to talk to you! Simply fill out the form below and we will have a trainer call or email you promptly!

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